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  Encryption Units



Encryption Units For Telephone

    The KV1200 is a low cost, high performance, Plug & Play, programmable digital scrambling unit for virtually every telephone with a detachable handset (e.g. Panasonic). The installation & operation cannot be easier: disconnect the handset cable, plug it into the KV1200, then plug the KV1200's cable into the telephone. One press on the 'Secure' button will initiate an automatic synchronization and then secure your conversation.

  •  ʻͧѹôѡѧ ѺѾ鹰ҹ KV1200 (蹻Ѵ) ҡѺش Handset
  •  ʻͧѹôѡѧ 繪شѾ鹰ҹ RVX-1


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